Road trip with annoying brother – an experience

Dog guarding door of wine shop
Winery guard dog!

How’s this for an experience?

Road trip to Osoyoos and Penticton B.C. Wine country. We do this annually.

I’m driving my brother’s car because 1) it has cruise control (mine doesn’t) and 2) I’ve got far more experience driving long distances. (Countless, long road trips in Northwestern B.C. during my CBC Radio years) and 3) I’m the big sister and the boss.

Here’s how it went for practically the entire 4.5 hour drive.


“Slow, slow. slow.”


“Slow down.”

“Why do you speed up going around the corners and drive like a slug when the road is flat and straight?”

“Are you drunk?” (It’s 9:30 am)

“Are you trying to roll the car?”

I think this is what they call ‘making memories’. Next year, I’ll be sealing his mouth shut with duct tape before we set off. I’ll enjoy making that memory.

Here are some pics from day one — taken in Oliver.

2 thoughts on “Road trip with annoying brother – an experience

  1. You slow down on the straight away because that is where the radar is. I learned this first hand on a girls trip once. 😉

  2. Oh yes. I remember! There was a cop car parked right near the Hope Slide lookout. Luckily, I was in cruise control and not speeding. Was a bit surprised to see any presence on Highway 3. I understood many RCMP officers had been sent north to help out in the fire zones.

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