Scuba diving has taken me all over the world. To places like Bali, Thailand, Palau, Malaysia and Indonesia. Honduras and Mexico too.

It’s so frustrating to not be able to find the scuba accessories I need. Like a simple pair of socks to wear under my wetsuit. In colors I like and sizes that work. That’s why I’ve begun to manufacture them myself.

My new project is apparel design, under the brand name of Tank Submerged. Items such as high-visibility hoods in neon pink and safety lime for divers and dive masters. I’ve tested them on dives in the Caribbean. If you need to be seen underwater by clients or our dive buddy, or by boat captains on the surface, you’ll want one of these hoods.

My pattern hoods are great for snorkelers and divers who don’t want hair to get knotted or tangled up in their mask. The fabric is extra soft.

I’m also making scuba socks for divers and snorkelers. They’re lightweight and a great way of preventing blistered feet from dive boots and closed heel fins. Yes, I make them in pink.

There’s nothing I hate more than dripping wet hair after I’ve changed out of my wetsuit and into dry clothes. My slouchy hats are meant to absorb some of the moisture. They’re made with the same ultrasoft fabric as baby blankets and they look amazing.

All my products are machine washable.

Future plans include cute dresses made with quick drying fabric for ‘apres’ dive and snorkeling.

The launch will take place in early 2019.

In the meantime, you can follow my travels on my Tank Submerged Facebook page and on my Instagram page.