Los Cabos, Mexico – worth a visit

Not the party place that Cabo San Lucas is. That's why you should visit San Jose del Cabo.
Not the party place that Cabo San Lucas is. That’s why you should visit San Jose del Cabo.

Los Cabos had long been on my list of places to see in Mexico. But, it never held the top spot.

That changed in October 2013, when on impulse, I booked a five night all-inclusive trip.

Cabo won out this time over other destinations for a bunch of reasons:

  • four and a half hour non stop flight from Vancouver – closer than any other Mexican destination. This was important because I wanted to maximize my beach time.
  • fairly inexpensive in low season.
  • had been to Puerto Vallarta in August and was scheduled to visit Cozumel in December.
  • had heard good things about the scuba diving there.

There are two Cabos:

  • Cabo San Lucas, the very touristy, heavy party location with lots of new, swank all inclusive hotels.
  • San Jose del Cabo, quieter, more the golf club, artsy and small restaurant kinda town.


I stayed in San Jose del Cabo because it was closer to the airport and cheaper. I went scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas. Downside of San Jose del Cabo is the ocean in not swimmable due to strong currents and undertow. Still, good value for a quick trip.

Took my camera with me on a few of my morning runs so you can see what San Jose del Cabo looks like. Nice place to visit. Unless you want to be drunk and be with drunks the entire time. Then go to Cabo San Lucas.

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