Drinking my way to retirement

View of Oliver vineyards
Wine country. Oliver B.C.

Ever since I hired a money coach to examine where my money is going, and help determine when I can retire, I’ve been consumed with spending every penny wisely. Why? Because I want to live five months a year in Mexico scuba diving when I retire. Making that happen calls for restraint now.

Still, I want to enjoy the next decade or so that I still have to work full-time. And what better way to do that than with delicious British Columbia wine?!

I’ve just returned from my third annual wine trip to B.C.’s wine country (Oliver and Naramata). This year, I bought 21 bottles of white, red and rose. For the first time, I set a wine budget and, in the end, was under by $3. Yay me! Pretty good for a budgeting neophyte.

In the past, I would’ve spent more. Visited ALL the wineries on my list and bought more bottles. This time, I kept thinking about retirement.

Now that I have an annual travel budget, thanks to my money coach, I’ll have to find a way to cut expenses next year. All in, this trip cost roughly $1400 (yikes) for three nights in a nice hotel, wine, gas, meals, fruit-buying and groceries.

I ate lunches at three wonderful winery restaurants where the food is delicious, and very expensive. Next year, that’s getting cut down to one lavish lunch. Will probably shorten the trip to two nights and cram more into the days. This will save at leastView of Oliver vineyards $400.

This laser focus on spending is good for me. I’m starting to wish I’d hired the money coach years ago.

Last thing: you may be asking, “wine is a thing and you’re all about having experiences, not things?”

Good question. I’ll address it in a future post.

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