Financing travel

Winning the lottery or receiving a sizeable inheritance are the best ways to fund travel. Neither option is available to me.

I fund my travels by working two jobs and mostly avoiding the uber high end stuff. Still, I do like a little luxury now and then.

Frankly, if I’m spending $300 a night for a hotel room I won’t want to leave it and do anything else.

I worked in northern British Columbia for seven years. The hotels and motels were comfortable, but not opulent. Consequently, I’ve got a high tolerance for two and three star accommodation.

I travel economy on airlines unless I have the points to go business class. I make sure my luggage is under 50 pounds – 43 kg. I take buses instead of taxis. I stay in hotels with refrigerators and shop for food. I do allow myself restaurant meals too. I don’t rent cars. This way I can stretch my annual travel budget.

In 2017, I’ll take four trips. Three to Cozumel, Mexico. Cheapest airfares I can get flying a variety of different airlines, bus, ferry, basic accommodation and lots of scuba diving. My fourth trip is to B.C’s Okanagan wine country and the towns of Penticton and Osoyoos. I’m having to pay a wee bit more than usual (about $200 per night) for the three night stay in a hotel in Osoyoos becauseĀ it’s a tourist destination that makes all of its money during the summer months. Plus, there’s a limited supply of rooms.

I’ll be outlining budgets and dollars spent in future posts.

In the future, I’d love to travel to Iceland (to dive of course) and Bonaire for the first time. I hope to do return visits to Malaysia and Indonesia.