Fish are friends & food

No criticism here of the things people in other countries eat or how livelihoods are earned in a developing country … but this was a difficult stop during a whirlwind visit to Sandakan in Malaysian Borneo.

The Sandakan Central Market is huge. Packed with thousands of things to consume – edible, drinkable, wearable etc. Smelly and bustling. A slice of life I’d normally not get to see. That’s why I urged my tour guide to take me there.


Situated on the waterfront, the market moves a lot of fish. Fresh from the boat to the dinner plate.

Here is where I noticed the rays. Being sliced up. Types of rays (leopard and tiger) I’d not been fortunate enough to see alive during my week-long scuba diving stop on the southern islands of Mabul and Sipadan.


Also, there were tiny sharks with their fins cut off.

Sad to observe, yet tempered by the sights of cute kids helping family mind the stalls.

A memorable visit to be sure.

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