Parasailing – safe or not?

Not the best landing in parasailing history.
Not the best landing in parasailing history. Lucky to be alive, I reckon.

So, there I was, enjoying a nap on the beach lounger at my resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

When my slumber was interrupted by a woman’s screams, followed by the sounds of leaves rustling.

Looked up and lo and behold, there was a woman parasailor bouncing over the palm tress above me. She landed in the third tree.

At first, I thought she was dead or badly hurt at the very least. As the curious over-refreshed and over-fed masses gathered under the tree, a young guy scrambled up to help.

Later, someone got a ladder and she was escorted down. But, not before a great deal of time and effort went into protecting the canopy and ropes from damage.

The rescue took roughly 20 minutes and, with the exception of an abrasion on her arm, she seemed okay physically.

But, it could have been worse. Another 50 feet or so and she would have smacked into the building next door. She could easily have hit her head on a tree trunk. I’ve considered parasailing. Would love to see the Banderas Bay view from that vantage point. What has kept me from doing it is the expense (about $50 USD) and the fact that it’s dangerous, as I was reminded here.

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