Retirement with scuba diving as a goal

margarita on the rocksI’d love to kick back for the rest of my life drinking margaritas by the bucket-full

Sadly, I’m NO way near retirement. No ‘freedom 55’ for me. Those old London Life TV commercials were selling a dream lifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s not the one I’ll get to live — unless I win the lottery!

Some of my former colleagues at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) have been taking early retirement. Thanks to their defined benefit pension plan (which is the type of pension you absolutely want) and sitting on million dollar Vancouver real estate. Granted they’re a few years older than me. But, it’s gotten me thinking about my own plans or lack thereof.

Retirement planning NOW:

I’ve recently hired an independent financial planner to examine my finances. Between now and October we’ll be working together to figure out a retirement game plan that includes living and scuba diving in Mexico five or so months out of the year when I retire. I need her guidance to get there, if it’s at all possible. What she’ll give me is an assessment of where I am financially, whether my investments are in the right places and whether I’m presently overspending to the detriment of my future.

Translation: can I continue to drink lattes and travel as much as I much as I do NOW and still have the retirement I want before I’m too old and frail to travel and dive? With dementia in my family, I have to look at this as a possibility.

The cost of the independent financial planner is expensive beyond belief. But, it was time to bite the bullet and invest in the knowledge I need. I’m fortunate (and grateful) to be able to afford it.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens. In the meantime, I’m giving a lot more thought to how I spend money. I’m betting there are changes in my future.

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