Sold my old iPhone and Blackberry for rescue kittens

tabby cat
A cat on the streets of Havana. Wish I could have rescued them all.

Okay. Not a lot of money. Still, better than nothing. Covers the money I donated yesterday to the legal fund at

This is a great organization, based in Fort Langley, B.C. I can’t own cats, so I own them vicariously through Tiny Kittens. Worth more to me than putting money into retirement this time around.

I sold an iPhone 4, (thought it was a 5) and Blackberry Q10 to a Montreal company called Go-recell. Great experience. I completed a page on their website to receive an offer, based on the age and condition of the items for sale. They sent me a free shipping label. Boxed it all up. Dropped it off at the post office.

A week later I go a revised lower offer, due to the iPhone being older than I originally thought. It was $30 instead of $70. Offer accepted.

The money was in my Paypal account within a few minutes of accepting the revised offer.

Might have been able to sell for more if I’d done it myself. But, my time is worth money. Plus, I’m still trying to move my stuff on eBay.


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