Is wine a stupid purchase?

Oliver winery vineyardSo, here I am getting all preachy about spending money wisely, retirement planning, experiences-not-things, blah, blah, blah. And then I go and spend $400 on wine during a recent trip to B.C. wine country.

What’s wrong with this picture? How can I reconcile what I’m preaching with what I’m practicing?

Some of you will disagree with me, but wine isn’t a necessity of life. For me, the best part of travelling to wine country is the experience. The scenery that’s so different from the coast and being able to enjoy a nice lunch served with delicious wine.

I view my bulk wine purchase as a souvenir of my trip (and I rarely buy souvenirs). As such, it’s coming out of my annual travel budget. This means the more wine I purchase, the less time I get to spend scuba diving and travelling to other places. Incidentally, the cost of my wine haul is equivalent to seven nights in the Cozumel, Mexico hotel I usually stay at.

I’ll enjoy my wine during the next many months. It’s likely all the wine I’ll buy before next year’s trip.

Money management is all about choices and I’m happy with this one. It wasn’t a stupid purchase.

Here are a few more pics from my recent trip.


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