A Paris stroll and a stupid purchase

blue leather Lancel purseI’ve made countless stupid purchases over the years. I’m hoping there will be fewer in the future.

I’m focused these days on spending money on experiences rather than stuff that collects dust and adds nothing to my life. I made one of my most stupid purchases in Paris. A purse I never loved. A purse I rarely use because it’s too small. (Anyone wanna buy it? Let me know and I’ll list it again on Ebay.)

The Lancel purse

So, there I was in Paris. Loving my early morning runs along the Seine, walking the streets of its famous neighbourhoods, riding the Metro, and eating chocolate croissants, cheese and other delicious treats. My tiny, but lovely, hotel room was in the Latin Quarter and centrally located. Close to everything. What wasn’t close was a Metro ride away.blue leather Lancel purse

I walked the Champs Elysees several times during my five days in Paris. Window shopping. Enjoying the sites. I decided I needed a proper souvenir. A purse.

I needed to stay under a certain dollar amount for customs purposes when I returned to Canada, so the budget was limited. The uber luxury brands were out of the question.

I liked the look of the Lancel store and entered determined to buy my Paris souvenir. My choices were limited, but I settled on the blue purse, paying roughly $350 CDN.

Somehow, the idea of buying a Lancel was more appealing that using it. The bag is lovely, no question. But, my lifestyle is a bit bigger than it will carry. Out of the question for work and daily use. The only use it gets is on the rare occasion I get dressed up and go somewhere nice. Rare.

Experiences, not things

I’m so glad I got to see Paris. I love the city. I have so many wonderful memories if being there. The cost of the purse would have bought me two extra days in this amazing city. The Tank of today would opt for the experience and leave the purse in the store.

What stupid purchases have you made? Send me a comment.

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