Stupid purchases – Mexico edition

Tank wearing sombrero
I didn’t buy the sombrero.

Oops, I did it again. Made a stupid purchase or two. Mistakes I won’t repeat. I hope.

As readers will know, I’m into experiences and not stuff. Some experiences are stupid and I paid for a few in Mexico recently.

Estupido purchase uno (one)

Three days at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. I’ve never done the Cancun beach thing and figured it was time. The plan was to spend the first three days of my vacation by the beach, sipping on pina coladas and relaxing. I paid a lot. Take a look at the total amount and compare to the other hotel prices: (in Canadian dollars).

Hotel Mexico City $324.00 4 nights ($81 per)
Hotel Cozumel $471.73 7 nights ($67 per)
Hotel Cancun $420.39   3 nights ($140 per)
Hotel Isla Mujeres $99.30 3 nights ($33 per)

The Cancun hotel room was the nicest, for sure. Thing is, it was poor value. Crappy weather aside, the dining rooms were always packed, with almost always a lineup to get in. The food was marginal — on par with buffets in Cuba, a country with less access to food. And, I’m not a very fussy eater.

There’s more. There were no palapas/umbrellas on the beach, meaning you risked a severe sun burn if you took an uncovered chair on the beach. This was a reason I stopped visiting all-inclusives in Puerto Vallarta. Skin cancer is a thing — a scary thing — and I expect umbrellas/palapas. Especially when you’re charging me a lot of money. Cuban resorts have covered seating.

Last thing and not a big deal. The drinks were horribly sweet and absent of alcohol. Considering reports of people dying in resorts on this coast after drinking their concoctions, I wasn’t all that keen to sample the beverages anyway. When I did, I found them to be, well, awful.

All in all, the three days in Cancun was a stupid purchase, for me anyway. One that won’t be repeated. I’ll spend my time and money scuba diving in nearby Cozumel instead. A good but expensive lesson learned.

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