Costing a trip to Tanzania

“You should really think about Mafia Island,” said my co-worker, poking her head in my office. “Africa, Tanzania instead of those Asian places you like to go to.”

That’s how a seed was planted in my head in the form of a dive trip to Africa in 2018.

Striking others off the list

I was already considering Dahab, Egypt. But, the time’s not right. The whole middle-east thing seems too unpredictable. Bali, Palau or Malaysian Borneo? Been to all three. They’re great, but too soon for do-overs. Iceland? So expensive. Going there means doing all the dive sites with, possibly, a side trip to Greenland to dive. Big money.

I’ve been putting off a trip to northern England to see family. It’s time to check-in. This could tie in with a trip to Tanzania, since I could fly to/from Africa through London.

The cost

The dive resort I’ll book on Mafia Island would probably be $1000 CDN for seven nights. Includes five days of diving, breakfast and dinner, tips and taxes, accommodation in a tent (with a fan), communal bathroom (not as beastly as one would think, I did it at Exeter College, Oxford, for three weeks and survived).

Return airfare Vancouver to London (or Manchester): This will depend on the time of year I travel. Not sure yet. Maybe late March? Between $800 and $1200 CDN.

Travel to Bradford, Yorkshire from London: Probably on the front end of the trip, five to seven days. Bus up north? Train? God, I hate Heathrow. And, I’ll be lugging scuba gear around. Accommodation: hotel, likely not with family. $800 CDN, including meals for myself and family.

Return airfare from London to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to Mafia Island. Roughly $700 CDN.

Nearly $3500 CDN. Could be higher depending on the US dollar. There’s likely no way to reduce the cost by much. I don’t see spending a ton on airfare without seeing family in England. Might be able to get reduced airfare to London using Westjet dollars. But likely by only a few hundred dollars.

Tanzania in 2018? Maybe not.

Need to do more research to try to bring the cost down. I’ll keep you posted.

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