Travel round up for August 4

Tank’s weekly round up of travel articles and news that caught my eye. I post these every Friday.

Got Aeroplan miles. Read this.

Five Facts About Your Miles

See what I wrote about Aeroplan Miles. Might be a wise idea to ditch.

Aeroplan points – use ’em up NOW

Seriously Air Transat. What the @#%& were you thinking? You’re the naughty Canada airline of the week and Air Canada thanks you. Tank will be flying Air Transat to Cancun in December. And Air Canada in two weeks. Wish me well!

My dream of scuba diving in North Korea has been dashed.

Finally, a wine recommendation. I recently came home from Osoyoos with three bottles of Gehringer Brothers Summer Nights red wine. Light and dry. Inexpensive too. Love it. And this girl’s a white wine drinker.

Have a great holiday weekend British Columbians.

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